OCI: Automated setup of the eBS provisioning tool

This note is about OCI (baremetal) and is derived from this tutorial.

It is assumed that a temporary or an existing VM has already been provisioned to help with the automation proposed below. This VM must run on OCI.

Either one of the manual or automated method can be used.

The automated method will take care of both creating apps and db private subnets into each of the compartment availability domains (AD), and also create a dedicated VM for the eBS provisioning.

Proceed as follow:

Step 1: If none already exist, deploy a temporary VM on a standard1.1 shape.


Step 2: Prepare a public and private key in pem format for the OCI local user in charge of the provisioning. Warning: This key is different from the ssh key used to login to compute instances.

openssl genrsa -out user_key.pem 2048 
openssl rsa -pubout -in user_key.pem -out user_public.pem
openssl rsa -pubout -outform DER -in user_key.pem | openssl md5 -c >user_key_fingerprint.txt


Step 3: Copy the private key on the /u01/install/APPS/.oci directory on the provisioning VM.


Step 4: Login in the OCI console, add the public key in PEM format to the OCI user. Note down the fingerprint that should match with the number already computed in the step 1.


Step 5: Download, from edelivery, the Oracle E-Business Suite on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Automation Archive (V975021-01.zip), and transfer the zip file on the VM.


Step 6: Run the ProvisionOCInfra script (login as oracle)

unzip V975021-01.zip 
tar -xvzf EBSCloudAdminTools_v18.1.1.tgz
cd EBSCloudAdminTools_v18.1.1/bin
perl provisionOCInfra.pl

After asking a few environment questions, the tool will run for 15 minutes, downloading and installing the necessary packages.

Program: ProvisionOCInfra.pl started at Wed Mar 21 14:10:14 2018 
Log File : /u01/EBSCloudAdminTools_v18.1.1/ProvisionOCInfra_Wed_Mar_21_14_10_14_2018.log

Enter tenancy ocid: ocid1.tenancy.oc1... . .
Enter compartment ocid: ocid1.compartment.oc1...
Enter user ocid: ocid1.user.oc1.....
Enter absolute path of private key of 'API signing key': <path>/.oci/user_key.pem
Enter passphrase for private key (press enter key for no passphrase): 
Enter fingerprint of the public key: d2:39:f8:fb:...
Enter region: eu-frankfurt-1

Downloading file ImageOCIDs.json as /u01/EBSCloudAdminTools_v18.1.1/ImageOCIDs.json.
Executing command: /u01/EBSCloudAdminTools_v18.1.1/tfdump/bin/terraform apply -target=baremetal_core_virtual_network.ebssandbox_vcn
Executing command: /u01/EBSCloudAdminTools_v18.1.1/tfdump/bin/terraform apply

Oracle E-Business Suite Sandbox network and Cloud Admin Tools VM created successfully

List of resources created:

EBS Cloud Admin Tools VM Public IP: x.x.x.x
Login to Cloud Admin Tools VM as: ssh opc@x.x.x.x

Program: ProvisionOCInfra.pl completed at Wed Mar 21 14:28:12 2018 
[oracle@provisioning bin]$


Step 7: Login to the Cloud admin VM to proceed further with the provisioning.

ssh opc@x.x.x.x


Step 8: Upgrade the EBS Cloud admin tool to the latest release:

ssh opc@x.x.x.x
sudo su - oracle
cd /u01/install/APPS/apps-unlimited-ebs/bin
perl selfUpdate.pl
Attempting to upgrade EBS Admin Tool to Version: ..
Downloading the latest archive (EBSCloudAdminTools_v18.1.1.1.tgz)..
Extract latest archive file..
EBS Admin Tool Upgraded Successfully, Please restart the interview..


Step 9: (Optional) Configure other VMs to login to the Cloud Admin Tools VM.

The key to be propagated is the ~/.ssh/id_rsa key created by the provisioningOCInfra scripts in the oracle account.



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