ODA: Disk troubleshoot

Samples useful command for disk troubleshooting especially after disk replacement of a disk (e0_pd_01 here), despite a couple of reboot, reseat, etc, disk was showing status ‘unknown’ and state detail ‘NewDiskInserted’.


oakcli show disk

oakcli stordiag e0_pd_01


From both nodes, check the differences and the extra (old) disk still being referenced. Remove it from either of the two files.

grep E0_S01 /etc/multipath.conf


From both node, check the consistency, update as necessary to match with the multipath.conf file



From all nodes

oakcli stop oak
oakcli restart oak
multipath -r
multipath -F
multipath -v 2


From master node:

oakcli reinit e0_pd_01


Now check that all disk are in ‘Good’ status

oakcli show disk


If the disk does not get be automatically added to the diskgroup, the following command may help:

ALTER DISK GROUP /+* _OAK_AsmCookie */ DATA ADD DISK '/dev/mapper/HDD_E0_S01_123456p1' NAME HDD_E0_S01_123456p1';

If that does not work, try the FORCE option


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