APEX: ORA-02291: integrity constraint (APEX_180100.WWV_FLOW_FND_GU_INT_G_FK) violated – parent key not found

Getting the error ORA-02291: integrity constraint (APEX_180100.WWV_FLOW_FND_GU_INT_G_FK) violated Рparent key not found while importing an apex workspace.

Issue has to do with users groups that are not part of the import. This is the bug 16781538, still unresolved with 18.1.

Solution is to edit the import file, locate the users that belong to group and change in the www_flow_fnd_user_api. create_fnd_user call(s) that create issues, for example:

  p_group_ids => '1860188076423573:1860279868423578:1860329781423578:'


  p_group_ids => ''