Oracle Database

This is a collection of notes related to database issues.


Connection manager 18c setup for ATP/ADW
Cloning a remote-PDB as a PDB
Cloning a non-CDB as a PDB
PDB plugin violations
PDB Needs to import keys from source error


ADW: dbms_cloud/copy_data and record delimiter


Manual standby setup
Rman setup with DG
Standby recreation fails with ORA-19870 ORA-19573


DBaaS and dbsystems on OCI and

DBSystems: Issues with upgrading to
DBaaS: patching issues upgrading 180116
DBaaS: prereq check and patching on oci-c


ORA-1017 troubleshooting
TNS-12537 TNS-12560 TNS-00507
Support for varchar2 32k
dbaas_monitor password change
How to upgrade the javavm after a database upgrade
How to configure the wallet before making outbound https calls.
Handy tools to convert gifs files into base64 encoding for utl_http
How to delete obsolete snapshot controlfile copy
Stats: Occupancy, retention and purge