eBS 12.1.3/11gR2 DR/standby

On Oracle Cloud Infrastructure classic, to setup a standby for eBS 12.1.3/11gR2 with a Vision demo environment.

  • Created the primary environment by provisioning eBS Vision 12.1.3/ See this note.
  • Provision a Database cloud service to host the standby database
  • Provision a compute using the eBS OS-only image from the marketplace
  • Duplicate the database
  • Run a preclone on the primary environment (db+apps)
  • Run autoconfig on the db tier, to preconfigure the db tier. See this note.
  • Run autoconfig on the apps tier, to preconfigure the apps tier. See this note.

To execute a switchover/failover, check this note.

To synchronize the target file system, after a patch get applied on the primary, check this note.

Refer to the MOS 1070033.1 for generic guidelines.