eBS 12.2.8 vision provisioning on OCI

The provisioning tutorial is posted here, the patching guidelines are posted in the MOS 1617461.1

This patching is required to align the environment with all OCI prerequisites related to lift and shift and multi-tenant support.

Here are the quick steps:


#1 Provision the 12.2.8 image preferably on a shape Standard2.2 or higher, Standard2.1 being too small unless no patching and db work is required.


#2 Once provisioned, logged in with root and run



yum update


#3 Set the VM hostname;

hostname apps.example.com

Failure to do so with return the error when running EBSapps.env

Context file "" is not valid
EBSapps.env: exiting with status 1 (Fail)


#4 As oracle, apply or remove the following database patches:

Stop the db
Apply 6880880 (OPatch or higher)
Rollback 27583052
Rollback 27085757
Rollback 26878168
Rollback 20204035
Start the db
Run Datapatch
Stop the db
Apply 29494060
Start db
Run Datapatch
Stop the db
Apply the etcc-bundle patch 29778098

cd /home/oracle/software/etcc-bundle/LINUX_X86-64/database/

for p in *.zip; do
  dir=`echo $p|cut -f1 -d_|cut -c 2-`
  cd /home/oracle/software/etcc-bundle/LINUX_X86-64/database/
  unzip -q $p
  echo $dir
  cd /home/oracle/software/etcc-bundle/LINUX_X86-64/database/$dir
  $ORACLE_HOME/OPatch/opatch apply

Apply 29774383
Start db
Run Datapatch
Stop the db


#5 Install the mandatory patches for lift and shift.

Stop service
Run adadminsrvctl.sh start
Run adgrants.sql included in 26834480 (ignore warnings related to dbms_upg_status)
Apply 26834480 in hotpatch mode (p26834480_R12.AD.C_R12_LINUX.zip), not merged
Apply 28280348 in hotpatch mode (p28280348_R12.AD.C_R12_LINUX.zip)
Apply 28840822 in hotpatch mode (p28840822_R12.TXK.C_R12_GENERIC.zip)
Apply 29965377 in hotpatch mode (p29965377_R12.TXK.C_R12_GENERIC.zip)
Apply 29781255 in hotpatch mode (p29781255_R12.TXK.C_R12_GENERIC.zip)
Apply 25452805 in hotpatch mode (p25452805_R12.FND.C_R12_LINUX.zip)


#6 Run admkappsutil

Starting the generation of appsutil.zip


#7 Refresh the appsutil on the db ORACLE_HOME using the


#8 Run preclone

From the db home:

cd /u01/install/APPS/12.1.0/appsutil/scripts/ebsdb_apps
perl adpreclone.pl dbTier

From the apps tier

cd $INST_TOP/admin/scripts
perl adpreclone.pl appsTier


#9 Activate archivelog


#10 Make tarballs of the database baclup and the appsutil and sqlpatch directories


#11 Push the backups files to the dbsystem in OCI:

scp -i $HOME/.ssh/oci.key /staging/backup/*         oracle@${IP}:/u01/app/oracle/backup
scp -i $HOME/.ssh/oci.key $ORACLE_HOME/sqlpatch.tar oracle@${IP}:/u01/app/oracle/backup
scp -i $HOME/.ssh/oci.key $ORACLE_HOME/appsutil.tar oracle@${IP}:/u01/app/oracle/backup