eBS: 32bits VM provisioning for eBS 11i on OCI

eBS 11i supports only Linux 32bits on the middle tier. To deploy eBS 11i on OCI, a 32 bits custom image must be imported in the vmdk or qcow2 format.

OL5 images can be found as appliance from edelivery, but their format looks not compatible with OPC, VMware 12.x or VirtualBox 5.1. The solution is to create a custom image using virtual box:

#1 Download from edelivery Oracle Linux 5 Update 11 iso image

This is V47134-01.iso

#2 From VirtualBox, create a new VM using the iso image

#3 Export this VM in the OVF 2.0 format.

Give it a name, for example OL5u11.ova

#4 Move this appliance on Linux

#5 On this linux box, install the qemu-kvm utility

yum install qemu-kvm -y

#6 Unzip the appliance file and run the tar command

tar xvf OL5u11.ova

#7 Convert the disk file into the qcow2 format

qemu-img convert -O qcow2 OL5u11-disk001.vmdk OL5u11.qcow2

#8 Using Cyberduck, upload the OL5u11.qcow2 file into an object storage bucket on OCI.

#9 Import the custom image by referencing the image file from the object storage, for example:


Give it a name, for example OL5_32bits. The import should last 1 hours

#10 Provision a compute with the OL5 custom image.