eBS: middle tier migration

This note is about migrating a non-Linux eBS system, 12.1.3 to OCI, using the transportable tablespace method, as detailed in the MOS 2473448.1

This note is about the middle tier migration, to be executed once the database has been migrated, and autoconfig been run on the db tier.

#1 Run all steps as documented in the MOS note 247348.1

To address AC-20580 and TNS-12514 errors when running adconfig.sh (internal adgendbc.sh), a workaround is to create the <dbB, <db>_balance, <db>_fo alias in both the TNS_ADMIN for both the 12.1.2 and 12.1.3 ORACLE_HOME

#2 Update the OCI VCN to specify the ingress rules to access the eBS URL

#3 Update the compute firewall rules to allow inbound access to the eBS access point.

Checkout this note for how.