eBS multi-node provisioning using the EBS Cloud admin tool on oci-c

Here is the full tutorial note

Login to the eBS provisioning VM, setup as documented in this other note.

Then run the eBS provisioning tool first by navigating into the working directory, to avoid perl compilation error:

cd /u01/install/APPS/apps-unlimited-ebs
perl /u01/install/APPS/apps-unlimited-ebs/ProvisionEBS.pl

Here is the summary page, in the process to provision one fresh 12.2.6 enviromment setup on oci-c compute instances.

Oracle Cloud User                   : <user> 
Oracle Cloud Identity Domain        : <idcs id> 
Application Tier OS Image           : /Compute-<idcs id>/<user>/OPC_OL6_9_X86_64_EBS_OS_VM_02162018 
OTD OS Image                        : /Compute-<idcs_id>/<user>/OPC_OL6_9_X86_64_EBS_OS_VM_02162018 
Shape of Application Tier VM        : oc1m 
Shape of Fresh Install Database Tier: oc1m 
Shape of OTD VM                     : oc3 
Environment Name                    : env1226 
SSH Key Name                        : mykey 
Use Logical Hostname                : yes 
Application Tier Logical Hostsnames : app1.cloud.com 
Database Tier Logical Hostsnames    : db.cloud.com 
Database SID                        : env1226a 
Source DB Name                      : EBSDB 
OSS Backup Name                     : PRODEBS122612102 
IP-Reservation for Apps Tier        : /Compute-<idcs id>/<user>/app1  
IP-Reservation for OTD              : /Compute-<idcs id>/<user>/otd  
IP-Reservation for Database         : /Compute-<idcs id>/<user>/db 

Restore Flow                        : New Provisioning To Compute 

The process will run for a few hours until the instance get ready:

Summary : /u01/install/APPS/apps-unlimited-ebs/summary/installation-env1226a.info 

Exiting EBS Cloud Admin Tool...