eBS: provisioning an eBS edelivery template as a custom image

To provision an eBS appliance, configured as a custom image, on the Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI):

#1 Download the virtual appliance from edelivery, for example the Spare OS-only Virtual Appliance , available in the V46057.1.zip file

#2 Convert the appliance from the .ova format to the vdmk format

VMWare Workstation can be used to import the appliance, that it will convert automatically into the .vmdk format. Note that the .ova filesize is 720MB and the .vmdk file size is 2GB. This convert should take 5 minutes.

#3 From the OCI console, create a bucket ‘EBS’ in the Object Storage.

#4 Using Cyberduck, upload the 2GB file Oracle-E-Business-Suite-OS-12.1.3-disk1.vmdk into the EBS bucket.

#5 Import the custom image by referencing the image file from the object storage, for example:


Give it a name, for example ebs1213. The import should last 2-3 hours.

#6 Provision a new image by using the newly created ebs1213 custom image

#7 Login to the image as oracle/oracle then su – root to change its password.