eBS: Setting up the eBS provisioning tool on oci-c

This note is about OCI classic.

Full tutorial is posted on this page.

To install the provisioning tool:

#1 From the Compute Infrastructure Classic console, in the Image/Marketplace menu, install both the latest EBS Provisioning Tools Image and the latest EBS OS-Only image.

#2 Once the image is installed, provision a new compute instance, select first the newest private image just installed  (latest is 06112018 at the time this note is updated, this is only relevant when more than one got installed overtime). Configure the instance on the shared network, with a public IP, with boot volume with 50GB minimum, and assigned on a security list allowing ssh access.

#3 Login to the VM just provisioned with opc then su oracle.

#4 Update the configuration file below with the proper domain, user and VM name.


In particular, double check both the linux version and the image date. The latest OS only image is 02162018. Not less importantly, the domain should be replaced with the IDCS id when applicable.

 "name": "/Compute-<domain>/<user>/OPC_OL6_9_X86_64_EBS_OS_VM_02162018",
 "type": "OS"

Useful info:

#1 To check the version of the provisioning tool installed:

cat /etc/ebscm.conf|grep version

#2 To update the tool:

cd /u01/install/APPS/apps-unlimited-ebs/bin
perl selfUpdate.pl
cat /etc/ebscm.conf|grep version

#3 To check the images available:

knife oc imagelist list

Make sure to enter the IDCS id instead of the domain name, if applicable.