eBS: common issues with txkPostPDBCreationTasks.pl

During an eBS 12.1.3 crossplatform migration, I got the following errors running txkPostPDBCreationTasks.pl

#1 getDBName



java.lang.NullPointerException at oracle.apps.ad.tools.configuration.CVMHelper.getDBName(CVMHelper.java:300)
at oracle.apps.ad.context.GenerateContext.readValsFromCVMHelper(GenerateContext.java:3045)
at oracle.apps.ad.context.GenerateContext.main(GenerateContext.java:2775)

It turned that the patch TXB.B.deta.4 RUP was applied on the source database *after* the backup was sent to the target location where the conversion to Linux was being executed. Consequently, the database being converted to Linux was missing a few updates

The solution is to install the following packages in the apps schema


Once the package are updated then the following call would then succeed:

select ADX_UTIL.GET_DB_NAME from dual;


#2 ORA-28007

alter user system identified by "wxxx" container=all
ERROR at line 1:
ORA-28007: the password cannot be reused

The solution is to allow the same password to be reused

alter profile default limit PASSWORD_REUSE_TIME UNLIMITED;
alter profile default limit PASSWORD_REUSE_MAXE UNLIMITED;