Running autoconfig on a standby apps tier for eBS R12.1.3

Perform the following steps to prepare an apps tier node for eBS 12.1.3. This note is written in the context of an eBS 12.1.3/11gR2 standby setup as described in this master note. It is assumed that
  • preclone has already been run on the primary environment.
  • The primary db is called vis121p
  • The secondary db is called vis121s
  • The filetree to be preserved on the standby is /u01/install/APPS/
There are two steps to be executed to preconfigure the appstier for a future failover/switchover:
  1. create the new autoconfig file
  2. Run autoconfig to generate the $INST_TOP directory to manage the apps tier on the secondary
#1) Generate the context file:
cd <COMMON_TOP>/clone/bin
perl <INST_TOP>/appl/admin/<PRIMARY CONTEXT>.xml
cd /u01/install/APPS/apps_st/comn/clone/bin
perl /u01/install/APPS/inst/apps/vis121p_vis121papp01/appl/admin/vis121p_vis121papp01.xml

                    Copyright (c) 2002 Oracle Corporation                        Redwood Shores, California, USA
                        Oracle E-Business Suite Rapid Clone
                                 Version 12.0.0
                      adclonectx Version 120.23.12010000.3
Running: /u01/install/APPS/apps_st/comn/clone/bin/../jre/bin/java -Xmx600M -classpath /u01/install/APPS/apps_st/comn/clone/bin/../jlib/ojdbc14.jar:/u01/install/APPS/apps_st/comn/clone/bin/../jlib/xmlparserv2.jar:/u01/install/APPS/apps_st/comn/clone/bin/../jlib/java .CloneContext  -e /u01/install/APPS/inst/apps/vis121p_vis121papp01/appl/admin/vis121p_vis121papp01.xmlEnter the APPS password : apps

Log file located at /u01/install/APPS/apps_st/comn/clone/bin/CloneContext_0424112647.log
Provide the values required for creation of the new APPL_TOP Context file.
Target System Hostname (virtual or normal) [vis121s-app01] : 
It is recommended that your inputs are validated by the program.However you might choose not to validate them under following circumstances:
 -If cloning a context on source system for a remote system. -If cloning a context on a machine where the ports are taken and you do not want to shutdown the services at this point. -If cloning a context but the database it needs to connect is not available.
Do you want the inputs to be validated (y/n) [n] ? : 
Target System Database SID : vis121s
Target System Database Server Node [vis121s-app01] : 
Target System Database Domain Name [compute-<domain>.oraclecloud.internal] : 
Target System Base Directory : /u01/install/APPS
Target System Tools ORACLE_HOME Directory [/u01/install/APPS/apps/tech_st/10.1.2] : /u01/install/APPS/tech_st/10.1.2
Target System Web ORACLE_HOME Directory [/u01/install/APPS/apps/tech_st/10.1.3] : /u01/install/APPS/tech_st/10.1.3
Target System APPL_TOP Directory [/u01/install/APPS/apps/apps_st/appl] : /u01/install/APPS/apps_st/appl
Target System COMMON_TOP Directory [/u01/install/APPS/apps/apps_st/comn] : /u01/install/APPS/apps_st/comn
Target System Instance Home Directory [/u01/install/APPS/inst] : 
Username for the Applications File System Owner [oracle] : 
Group for the Applications File System Owner [oinstall] : 
Target System Root Service [enabled] : 
Target System Web Entry Point Services [enabled] : 
Target System Web Application Services [enabled] : 
Target System Batch Processing Services [enabled] : 
Target System Other Services [enabled] : 
Do you want to preserve the Display [localhost:0.0] (y/n)  : 
Invalid input value. 'y' or 'n' required.

Do you want to preserve the Display [localhost:0.0] (y/n)  : n
Target System Display [vis121s-app01:0.0] : 
Do you want the the target system to have the same port values as the source system (y/n) [y] ? : yComplete port information available at /u01/install/APPS/apps_st/comn/clone/bin/out/vis121s_vis121s-app01/portpool.lst

RC-40201: Unable to connect to Database vis121s.
New context path and file name [/u01/install/APPS/inst/apps/vis121s_vis121s-app01/appl/admin/vis121s_vis121s-app01.xml] : 

Creating the new APPL_TOP Context file from :  /u01/install/APPS/apps_st/appl/ad/12.0.0/admin/template/adxmlctx.tmp

The new APPL_TOP context file has been created :  /u01/install/APPS/inst/apps/vis121s_vis121s-app01/appl/admin/vis121s_vis121s-app01.xml

Log file located at /u01/install/APPS/apps_st/comn/clone/bin/CloneContext_0424112647.logcontextfile=/u01/install/APPS/inst/apps/vis121s_vis121s-app01/appl/admin/vis121s_vis121s-app01.xmlCheck Clone Context logfile /u01/install/APPS/apps_st/comn/clone/bin/CloneContext_0424112647.log for details.
The new config file should now be created. #2 Run autoconfig to generate all files and scripts:
cd /u01/install/APPS/apps_st/appl/ad/12.0.0/bin
perl contextfile=/u01/install/APPS/inst/apps/vis121s_vis121s-app01/appl/admin/vis121s_vis121s-app01.xml run=INSTE8