Synchronizing eBS apps tier for DR with eBS 12.1.3

To synchronize the DR eBS apps tier with the primary apps tier, both being located on OCI-C, proceed as follow.

This note is written in the context of an eBS 12.1.3/11gR2 standby setup as described in this master note.

It is assumed that the filetree to be preserved on the standby and is located on /u01/install/APPS/

#1 First install rsync on both server (as root)

yum install rsync -y

Next steps are executed with the oracle account.

#2 On the secondary apps server, create the private key to access the primary server, and configure the $HOME/.ssh/config file

Host app_primary
   Hostname            <dns entry or ip of the primary app server>
   IdentityFile        /home/oracle/.ssh/primary_app.key
   ServerAliveInterval 100

#3 Create a synchronization script on the secondary

echo "Synching apps"
/usr/bin/rsync -vat --stats --checksum --delete --delete-excluded --exclude '*.log' --exclude '*.trc' --log-file=$HOME/rsync.log --progress app_primary:/u01/install/APPS/apps/ /u01/install/APPS/apps

echo "Synching apps_st"
rsync -vat --stats --checksum --delete --delete-excluded --exclude '*.log' --exclude '*.trc' --log-file=$HOME/rsync.log --progress app_primary:/u01/install/APPS/apps_st/ /u01/install/APPS/apps_st

echo "Synching inst"
rsync -vat --stats --checksum --delete --delete-excluded --exclude '*.log' --exclude '*.trc' --log-file=$HOME/rsync.log --progress app_primary:/u01/install/APPS/inst/ /u01/install/APPS/inst

echo "Synching tech_st"
rsync -vat --stats --checksum --delete --delete-excluded --exclude '*.log' --exclude '*.trc' --log-file=$HOME/rsync.log --progress app_primary:/u01/install/APPS/tech_st/ /u01/install/APPS/tech_st

#4 Preferably stop the eBS services (concurrent managers, forms, etc) running from the primary then execute the script above: