EMCC: 13.4 Installation issues

For the installer not to fail with the error below:

$ ./em13400_linux64.bin
ERROR: Temporary directory /tmp does not have enough free space. At least 12289 MB of free space are required.
Please input another directory or [Exit]: /mnt/patches/tmp
ERROR: Cannot find component oracle.jdk.
ERROR: Cannot find components specified in JRE_COMPONENT=oracle.jdk,oracle.jre.
ERROR: Installer execution failed (1).

Run it with the following command:

$ ./em13400_linux64.bin -J-Djava.io.tmpdir=/mnt/patches/tmp


Note that before starting an upgrade, it may worth download the following upgraded plugins available here:

In addition, the following plusing being unavailable yet (22-May-2020), they need to be removed from the system before upgrading:

Oracle E-Business Suite(oracle.apps.ebs)
Oracle Jdedwards EnterpriseOne(oracle.apps.jded)
Oracle Big Data Discovery(oracle.bdm.obdm)
Oracle Communications(oracle.cgbu.ocom)
Oracle Construction and Engineering(oracle.cnstreng.ocea)
Oracle Construction and Engineering(oracle.cnstreng.ocem)
Oracle Tuxedo(oracle.fmw.txdo)
Public Sector Revenue Management Application(oracle.tugbu.otax)

The following plugins although not listed, is potential a showstopper and therefore should be remove before the upgrade.

Microsoft .Net Framework (oracle.em.smdn)