ODA/KVM How to update the ORACLE_HOME in the metadata

Occasionally, the only solution to address ODAcli command line limitation may be to move a database to another ORACLE_HOME, using the manual method.

This would result into discrepancies since the real database ORACLE_HOME will not be known from the ODA tooling.

To resolve this, one method is to change the ORACLE_HOME in the ODA medata:

Stop the agent and launch mysql (from root)


systemctl stop initdcsagent /opt/oracle/dcs/mysql/bin/mysql --defaults-file=/opt/oracle/dcs/mysql/etc/mysqldb.cnf use dcsagentdb

Check the existing medata:

select * from databaseHome;
Select * from db;

Update the metadata accordingly, for example:

update db set dbHomeId='49acf1f7-afee-48f9-b1df-1b7d2f7a04c2',dbVersion='';

Restart the agent.


systemctl start initdcsagent