ODAVP: Reimaging

This note is about (re)installing one virtualized ODA.

Full guidelines are posted below in the official documentation:

Relevant MOS notes:

  1. 1520579.1 Step by Step Instructions on Installing Virtualized Image on Oracle Database Appliance
  2. 2233866.1 Unable to use the Virtual CDROM on ILOM Remote System Console Plus
  3. 888888.1 Oracle Database Appliance – 18.2, 12.X, and 2.X Supported ODA Versions and Known Issues

It is easy to get lost in the process, it is going to be about:

  1. Reimage the 2 dom0 nodes from the iso
  2. Create the domU (oda_base) by deploying the oda_base
  3. Configuring the oda_base, including the clusterware from the VNC session


#1 Download the virtualized image file from the latest patch (16186163) preferably on a local disk


#2 From both ILOM Console, login and connect the storage to the newly downloaded iso file (for example OakOvm_10703.iso for or OakOvm_181205.iso for 18.3), then reboot on the CDROM.

In case of issue with https, ie the reboot not picking up the CDROM, disable https.


#3 Once the installation get completed, from the dom0 console of the first node, run the following command to setup the network.

# oakcli configure firstnet 
# oakcli configure additionalnet


#4 Download the ODA_BASE template file from the latest patch (16186172) on the desktop, and transfer it on the /OVS directory on the first dom0 node

#5 From the first node, unzip the ODA_BASE template and concatenate the files together, for example for 18.3:

unzip p16186172_183000_Linux-x86-64_1of4.zip
unzip p16186172_183000_Linux-x86-64_2of4.zip
unzip p16186172_183000_Linux-x86-64_3of4.zip
unzip p16186172_183000_Linux-x86-64_4of4.zip
cat oda_base_183000.gz01 oda_base_183000.gz02 oda_base_183000.gz03 oda_base_183000.gz04 > oda_base_18.3.tar.gz


#6 Deploy the ODA_BASE from the first node, this will take care of the second node.

oakcli deploy oda_base

Specify the location and name of the oda_base file.


#7 start vncview to access  <dom0 node0 ip adress>:5900 node. Remember that at this point, the domU is not configured

Login with root/welcome1 and start X11:


The vnc session will changed into a X11 desktop access


#8 But before doing anything, login to the oda_base via the vnc or via the private IP ( and 27) to check the patch level of all components

# oakcli show version -detail
Reading the metadata. It takes a while...
System Version  Component Name            Installed Version         Supported Version        
--------------  ---------------           ------------------        -----------------                                                                                   
                Controller_INT            4.650.00-7176             Up-to-date               
                Controller_EXT                 Up-to-date               
                Expander                  0306                      Up-to-date               
                SSD_SHARED {                                                                 
                [ c1d20,c1d21,c1d22,      A29A                      Up-to-date               
                c1d23 ]                                                                      
                [ c1d0,c1d1,c1d2,c1d      A29A                      Up-to-date               
                c1d18,c1d19 ]                                                                
                SSD_LOCAL                 0R3Q                      Up-to-date               
                ILOM             r126940          Up-to-date               
                BIOS                      38110100                  Up-to-date               
                IPMI                              Up-to-date               
                HMP                             Up-to-date               
                OAK                             Up-to-date               
                OL                        6.10                      Up-to-date               
                OVM                       3.4.4                     Up-to-date              


#9 If any of these components is not up to date, proceed first by patching the servers. First transfer the patch zip files to both oda_base, using the private ip, then unpack them from both nodes, then run the patch command from the first node

oakcli unpack -package /tmp/p28864520_183000_Linux-x86-64_1of3.zip
oakcli unpack -package /tmp/p28864520_183000_Linux-x86-64_2of3.zip
oakcli unpack -package /tmp/p28864520_183000_Linux-x86-64_3of3.zip
oakcli update -patch --server
oakcli update -patch --storage
oakcli update -patch --verify


#10 Finish the oda_base deployment from the X11 session

oakcli deploy

Note1: the scan address must be registered into the DNS before oakcli deploy can be run.