Oracle Cloud Infrastructure

Managed Services

OPSI – Install management agent

OCI DBaaS Failed to retrieve controlfile autobackup from v$rman_configuration
OCI DBaaS Target PDB duplication from Object Storage Backup
OCI DBaaS Backup to Object storage (OSS) How to configure
OCI DBaaS how to move a DB to another other tenant How to duplicate a DB into another tenant

OCI Streaming Service – Creation
OCI Streaming Service – Archive to Object Storage
OCI Streaming Service – Kafka connect How to consume the service using Kafka
OCI Streaming Service – Java SDK How to consume the service using the Java SDK

OCI Infrastructure

OCI-CLI Version and update
OCI: Setting up the firewall on iaas VMs
Provisioning and boot volume resize
PSM and OCI subnet policies
PSM Install on OL6x
How to prevent the opc (or other) account to expire
OCI: Configuring local RAID filesystems on a BM.DenseIO2.52 shape
OCI: How to extend a block storage
OCI: How to download software with wget
OCI: How to create the oracle users
OCI-c: How to install docker on OL6
OCI-c: Corente Setup on compute
OCI: RestAPI server certificate
OCI: setup a squid proxy server


OL8.x: How to install xclock

OL7.x: Enable serial port
OL7.x: OCFS2 Setup
OL7.x: KDE installation
OL7.x:default cron shell
X Display setup prereq for orainstaller

Terraform, Chef and Ansible

Terraform: How to upgrade the oci provider
Chef and Apache co-existency
Ansible setup on OL6.9
Chef install on OCI-c


OCCS: Reset the admin password on Container Cloud Services
OCCS: Moving a PDB from OCCS to DBCS
Devcs storage configuration
SOAcs storage scale up psm-lcm-06102 errors

E-Business suite

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