Installation of the OCI-c PSM CLI on OL6x

To install the PaaS Service Manager (psm) CLI on OL6.x, first install, as root, both Python 3.4.8 and the psm CLI python module, then configure psm from a standard user.

First install some possible prerequisites:

yum install wget tar make gcc tcl tk openssl-devel

Then download the latest python:


Install python:

tar -xvfz Python-3.4.8.tgz
cd Python-3.4.8
make install
cp python /usr/local/bin

Check the version installed:

export PATH=/usr/local/bin:$PATH
python --version

Download the PSM cli utility, replace ‘id’ with the identify domain:

curl -X GET -u "user:password" -H X-ID-TENANT-NAME:id<id>/client -o

Install psm as a python module, still from the root account:

pop3 install -U

Then from a standard user, configure psm:

$ psm setup
Username: user
Retype Password: 
Identity domain: id
Region [us]: 
Output format [short]: short
Use OAuth? [n]: 
'psm setup' was successful. Available services are:

 o ADWC : Oracle Autonomous Data Warehouse Cloud
 o ADWCP : Oracle Autonomous Data Warehouse Cloud Platform
 o ANALYTICS : Oracle Analytics Cloud
 o APICS : Oracle API Platform Cloud Service
 o APICatalog : Oracle API Catalog Service
 o APISearch : Oracle APICatalog Elasticsearch Service
 o BDCSCE : Oracle Big Data Cloud
 o BOTSCFG : Oracle Bots Configuration Service
 o BOTSCON : Oracle Bots Connector Service
 o BOTSINT : Oracle Bots Intent Service
 o BOTSMGM : Oracle Bots Management API Service
 o BOTSPIP : Oracle Bots Pipeline Service
 o BigDataAppliance : Oracle Big Data Cloud Service
 o CONTAINER : Oracle Container Cloud Service
 o CXAANA : Oracle CxA Analytics Service 
 o CXACFG : Oracle CxA Configuration Service 
 o CXACOL : Oracle CxA Collector Service 
 o CXAPOD : Oracle CxA Pod Cloud Service 
 o ContainerRegistry : Oracle Container Registry Service
 o DHCS : Oracle Data Hub Cloud Service
 o IDCS : Oracle Identity Cloud Service
 o IDCSControlPlane : Oracle Identity Cloud Service
 o IOTAssetMon : Oracle IoT Asset Monitoring Cloud Service
 o IOTConnectedWrker : Oracle IoT Connected Worker Cloud Service
 o IOTEnterpriseApps : Oracle Internet of Things Cloud - Enterprise
 o IOTFleetMon : Oracle IoT Fleet Monitoring Cloud Service
 o IOTProdMonitoring : Oracle IoT Production Monitoring Cloud Service
 o IOTSvcAsset : Oracle IoT Asset Monitoring CX Cloud Service
 o IntegrationCloud : Oracle Integration Cloud
 o jcs : Oracle Java Cloud Service
 o MobileCCC : Oracle Mobile Custom Code Container
 o MobileCorePOD : Oracle Mobile Core POD
 o MySQLCS : Oracle MySQL Cloud Service
 o OAICS : Oracle Adaptive Intelligence Applications Offers Cloud Service
 o OEHCS : Oracle Event Hub Cloud Service
 o OEHPCS : Oracle Event Hub Cloud Service - Dedicated
 o OMCE : Oracle Mobile Cloud Metering Service
 o OMCEXTERNAL : Oracle Management Cloud Service
 o OMCP : Oracle Management Cloud Platform Service
 o SOA : Oracle SOA Cloud Service
 o VisualBuilder : Oracle Visual Builder Cloud Service

To check the proper setup, list for example the DBCs services:

psm dbcs services 
 Service Status 
 abcdef Running 
 ghijkl Running

To update the utility, run:

psm update

Verify the version with:

psm -v

PSM CLI Client – version 1.1.20