OCI: eBS database manual lift and Shift to DBsystem

This note suggest the steps to lift and shift an eBS 12cR1 database to OCI as a PDB.

The backup is supposed to be uploaded on a shared file system.


From the OCI console:

#1 Provision a dbsystem with ebs as the CDB name and specify a PDB with the same name as the target PDB. Carefully pick the database character set !


On the new db system:

#2 Copy the customer keystore

Copy the customer keystore to /opt/oracle/dcs/commonstore/wallets/tde/<db unique name>

I think nicer to keep the same fraxxx number as the CDB.


#2 Generate the wallet using the source database master key

cd /opt/oracle/dcs/commonstore/wallets/tde/<db unique name>
orapki wallet create -wallet ./ -pwd "<key>" -auto_login


#3 Mount the staging file system where the rman backup is located

service rpcbind start
mkdir /mnt/stagingarea
mount 10.x.x.x:/stagingarea /mnt/stagingarea


#4 Optionally, create the directory to match with the logfile directory and tempfile as they exist from the source database. They will be recreated on the restore is complete


mkdir -p /database/prod/logfile
chown oracle:oinstall /database/prod/logfile


#5 Run the database restore


#6 Recreate the redo and tempfile on ASM. Make sure no legacy location is still being used.


#7 To prepare for datapatch, create the missing patch from the new ORACLE_HOME. A first database run would proovide the missing files

cd $ORACLE_HOME/sqlpatch
cp -Rv <old oracle_home>/sqlpatch/<missing patches> .


cp -r /mnt/stagingarea/database/12.1.0/sqlpatch/24006101 .


#8 Optionally, recreate the loader objects to prevent datapatch to fail with the error ORA-22308: operation not allowed on evolved type (Doc ID 2327572.1)

DROP TYPE sys.oracle_loader;
DROP TYPE sys.oracle_datapump;


#9 Run datapatch


#10 Increase recovery_dest_size to 200GB

Default is 34G, not enough to run utlrp.sql on an eBS database.


#11 Apply the dbms patches

Download the the EBS Technology CodeLevel Checker patch (Currently 175377119)
Run the checkDBPatch.sh utility
If applicable download and apply the recommanded patch
Restart the database
Apply opatch
Run ?/rddms/admin/utlrp


#12 Copy the Non-CDB as a PDB

Checkout this note.



sudo firewall-cmd --zone=public --permanent --add-port=1531/tcp
sudo firewall-cmd --reload


iptables -I INPUT 5 -p tcp -m state –state NEW -m tcp -s –dport 1531 -j ACCEPT -m comment –comment “For eBS”

iptables -I INPUT 5 -p tcp -m state –state NEW -m tcp -s –dport 8010 -j ACCEPT -m comment –comment “For eBS”








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