ODA/KVM Copy password file to standby

To copy the password file from primary to the standby.

Transfer the file from the primary to the standby server, then using grid, from the baremetal node (and not the DBsystem):

asmcmd setattr -G DATA access_control.enabled TRUE

asmcmd pwcopy /tmp/pwdemdevu.337.1141482869 +DATA/EMDEVP/password/pwdemdevp
copying /tmp/pwdemdevu.337.1141482869 -> +DATA/EMDEVP/password/pwdemdevp

asmcmd setattr -G DATA access_control.enabled TRUE

Now check that you can properly connect to the standby using SYSDBA.

Note that the access_control settings are important for the password file to be accessible also from the Oracle account, and not only grid, as the resulting umask would be different, and it should not be possible to access the standby with sys, and the error ORA-12578 error may occur.