ODA/KVM DCS-10001: Unable to add new dg config

DCS-10001:Internal error encountered: Unable to add new dg config

When this error above occurs during a DG configuration, using register-dataguard or configure-dataguard, there are good chances that the issue is due to a case discrepancy between the DG configuration and the DG metadata.

In other words, the case may not match between the configuration name, the db name, or the db unique name. In addition, the DG API above are case sensitive even so this is strictly irrelevant, for example in the TNS alias.

If the DG registration fails at the latest stage, one solution worth trying is to run the following command.

#1 Create the DG JSON file.

Use this note a a template

#2 Find the database id, with root:

odacli list-databases

#3 Manually create the dataguard status, with root, on both ODA.

DEVMODE=true odacli create-dataguardstatus -i <dbid> -r config_dg.json